mario meier.

Artist biography


Mario Meier was born in 1973 in what is now Aue-Bad Schlema and grew up in Zschorlau in the Erzgebirge - the so called “cradle of wood carving”, so to speak.

As a child and adolescent he learned the basics of carving from the "old masters" there and was involved in group exhibitions and performances at an early age - for example in the "Pioneer Palace" in Berlin at that time.

During teaching and studying he evolved interest and skills in sculpture and painting as well. His favorite and most inspiring idols were Ernst Barlach and Heinz Tetzner. However he created and developed his own and a bit different style during the time. A nearly lifelong friendship and several artprojects together are connecting him with the caricaturist Stephan Buße.

After commissioned work and the realization of his own very personal projects, he was entrusted with an illustration in Sebastian R. Böhm's anthology "Die Astronautin" (2020).

In 2021 the artist relocated his studio to the “Karl-May-Stadt” Hohenstein-Ernstthal, where he will continue to expand his work.


Exhibitions / Projects:


Participation in numerous exhibitions in Berlin and in the Chemnitz / Erzgebirge area in the 80s and 90s

Smaller exhibitions in the Chemnitz / Erzgebirge area since 2010

Switzerland (Zurich) 2020 

Illustrator in “Die Astronautin” 2020 

Hotel Adlon Berlin 2021

Monaco Art3f 2021

China, Zhuhai 2022 (Makowski Gallery Zhuhai)

New York, SOHO Manhattan, 2022 (Makowski Gallery New York)

World Art Dubai, 2022

Affordable Art Fair Battersea London 2022

ARTBOX.PROJECT Venezia 1.0, 2022



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